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Blogger omariorosario said...

I must say I higly respect your work and envy you creative abilities Marko.
There's a very disturbing pattern that has emerged here though and it is staring us all in the face. I don't know if anybody has mentioned this before. Just take a look at the graphic representation of your idea. Now visualize the LOGO OF THE MASONIC LODGE. THE COMPASS AND THE SQAURE WITH THE LETTER G where the lines intercept.
Truly I can't be the only one to see this and make the connection.
They are after all the holders of the secrets - whether for good or for bad (jabulon) the connection is undeniable. Is this geometry/math a part of the Holly Grail found by the Templars in/under the temple of Solomon and just like the caballah refers to the very blueprint, the underlying wheelwork of nature that makes up our "reality" as we perceive it in limited way ????

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Blogger omariorosario said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marko, is your blog still active? I can't find anything later than 2006. Are you still here? I have questions... --jws

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Blogger The Free Advice Man said...


I was once developing ideas in the direction you finally managed to take them! Congratulations!

You may find out about my Spiritual & Scientific Philosophical ideas by simply Googling "Fenyo" "Infinity" "Principia Cybernetica".

You can count on my full support.


Philosopher & Writer
(Founder of the Infinity Society <1988>)
The Free Advice Man
(see The New Yorker, Aug. 17. 1987, Talk of The Town, article by Alec Wilkinson)

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Blogger lafstars said...

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Blogger lafstars said...

If you have not come across Hector D Perez Torres, you may be very interested in communicating :)
The level of his knowledge and expansive directions it goes in is off the charts; not really of this universe. I believe he said there are 9 different kinds of electricity. He believes that open-sourcing info is the only way to go and also believes one must discover for themselves the route, hands on, so they really know and understand (my words). It would be your joy to connect with him. as a way to contact him.
Çavetroniç is also an interesting site :)
Nice to have your brain here on this planet and I hope people will understand the paradigm shift that can happen :)

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Blogger guyzz said...

i been doing math like yous for a long time
but the pulling all together we where were u .i killed myself with imperial math you /my gov
will never let us test add if we do that go back ti 1mp. math
luskin u get it Chang my life cause
i knew i was right 'been trying to sow all 4 years now i got YOU THANKS FOR THE GUN-HAD AMO
guy bradley i know what you see
and more getting technical is wast o time/physic is not right buy ram down as fact boo .what do you think of JOHN BEDINI/NAUDIn GOT 1

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You should take a look at my theories, specially the rhombic dodecahedron tesseract 6 + 9 = 15 = 1111

The eneagram also matches the VW stargate encrytped code, targa/agartha 911, etc.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Rodin,

First of all thank you very much for your great discovery. I'm simply amazed at how simple yet elegant the formula is.

But I have one question that's been baffling me and I'm curious to know if the VBM can unravel the mystery of the Heisenberg effect/principle.

That is ""The more precisely the POSITION is determined,the less precisely the MOMENTUM is known"

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